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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by mafiafromrussia, Jul 13, 2002.

  1. i'm just wondering how can i monitor my current upload/download speeds? cuz when i sometimes downloading from programs that dont show the speed or doing other stuff i just want to see how fast it's going
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    Ack Bad Link
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    I have a program that can do it.
    The link i supplied didn't work i tested it sorry.
    The file is only 1.1mb but i don't have anywhere i can put it to let you get it. I'll try to email it to whoever wants it...

    I uploaded the file here for you to download (Don't use this on win98)

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    just grab DU meter
  5. hey KLoWn i cant get to that file cuz i need .net acount which i dont got. but if you will see this in next couple hours could u plz upload it to my ftp at ?

    and keylo where do i grab that DU meter?
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    Texas, USA
    Also check here .
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    And if you want a more flashy looking one, and have 4 MB of RAM to spare, get Statbar, all the cool kids did:cool:


  8. i tryed that stat bar thing. and in the network trarfic meter options i have 1)ms tcp loopback interface 2) wan (ppp/slip) interface 3) netgear fa310tx fasat ethernet adapter(ngrpci) - packet scheduler.
    which of them should i monitor to see my true speed?
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    The netgear ethernet adapter, so statbar monitors all data going to and from your PC, regardless whether it's LAN or WAN.
  10. ait who's here with ip? and is from STOCKHOLM ?
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    well, it's not me...y u ask?
  12. just some one downloading a game from me.
    plus just saw someone trying to delete some files from my ftp. damn kids

    and if i set monitor to netgear only it doesnt show any of the upload speed. it's just 0
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    I know what you mean about people trying to delete your FTP stuff...

    Sorry I didn't see the little "-packet scheduler" =\

    Try the WAN (ppp/slip) interface, if that doesn't work try the first one, one of them should work :D

    Sorry I can't help very well...it's hard with a 3rd Party program and a different system etc...
  14. allright i tryed DU meter 3.02 and i used option for "dial-up connections only" that one shows much real speed. thanks for help everyone
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    Sorry dude I missed ya message. You will like Net.Medic if you like DU Meter. Get a junk net account thru hotmail.com and you can get it. I am going out of town soon today. Won't be back for a week or 2. If you know a good Upload site or whatever let me know within a hour of this message time stamp and i'll put it there. Or ask catch to grab it and send it to ya.

    Gotta go Cya
  16. i guess i wont get that prog now :) ? just been out playing pool with friends all night. but what that program that u wanted to give me does?