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    This is probably a dumb question to ask on this site, but is worth the 90 dollars to upgrade to xp? Or should i wait until they have a new prog out?
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    What os are you running at the minute?
  3. Hipster Doofus

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    Look in the papers for an original secondhand xp full version disk. Some people nearly give them away.
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    The people who give away XP are seriously idiots. I work at a Tech Support agency and tend to get calls from them every so often. They always say that 98 is better than XP because their scanner or something didn't detect in XP. Who gives a flying **** about their scanner? How can incompatibility with an outdated scanner make an entire OS bad? Take into consideration how much 98 crashes and how much better XP is and you'll forget about your stupid scanner.

    I had to get that out, I'm sorry.

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    hehe, even if you buy an upgrade disk, or get one cheap, or even a full install disc, re-format rather than upgrade, saves you so many problems with XP
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    Re: ...

    I Agree having another OS ontop of another OS especially one like windows 98 can't be good for your system. :D Its like having a fortress sit on a house or cards for a foundation ;)