Upgrading old computer: Some Help Needed

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Nick M, Feb 1, 2003.

  1. Nick M

    Nick M Moderator

    Well, my mom has been using an old Emachines rig, model 366i2

    Here are the original specs for this roaring beast:

    Intel® Celeron™ 366MHz (w/128KB Cache) PPGA CPU
    32MB SyncDRAM (up to 256 MB)
    2 USB Ports (1 is on Front)
    1 Serial / 1 Parallel / 3 Expansion Slot
    Audio In & Out / Game Port on Front
    Internet Ready
    Microsoft® Windows® 98
    Microsoft Works
    ATI Rage Pro Turbo 2X AGP with 4MB SGRAM
    Crystal CS4280 3D PCI Audio
    40x Max. CD-ROM Drive
    4.3GB HDD (Ultra DMA EIDE)
    3.5" 1.44MB FDD
    56K* ITU V.90 PCI Fax/Modem
    PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse
    Stereo Speakers

    Well, it's been slghtly altered. Yes, I know it's better to get a cheap barebones PC and build up, but I haven't the money for that.

    Anyway, I added new speakers, another better hard drive, new software etc. Will be getting 256MB RAM from our friends at crucial, and doing the things above, if it is possible to add a newer CPU.

    I can't seem to figure out what the fastest CPU this computer can support.

    Can someone please help me with that?


    Will it support that? I have my doubts :(

    Thanks in advance,

    - Nick
  2. jkipk

    jkipk OSNN Addict

    just played with google search (i love that). Looks like for sure you can go to 533mhz celeron, sold (on eBay) for $30-50usd in the last month, including one that was o/c'd to 800mhz (!!!). Also memory max is 128mb x2 for the 256 (but you knew that). I was playing tough with a 200mhz pentium that I bought for $10, so I have a soft spot for maxing these old guys out.

    good luck.
    have fun.

  3. jumpy

    jumpy Guest

    No, sorry nick, you won't be able to get that tualatin celeron going in that motherboard. The tualatins (1.1A, 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4) use FCPGA-2 whereas that motherboard is PPGA.

    As jkipk said, the highest you could go is the 533mhz celeron. But make sure you get the PPGA version because there is also a FCPGA version of the 533.
    See here for your options.

    The fcpga version of the chip was a much better overclocker, so don't expect much more than 600mhz out of it.
  4. rettahc

    rettahc Guest

    Looks like a no.
    found this at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/emachineupgraders/

    Your really better off saving up some money and getting a new MOBO + processor
  5. jkipk

    jkipk OSNN Addict

    ...and not much money. there's lots of mobo/processor combos on eBay for not much more than the $50 that some of the 533's were going for. Then you'd be in a much better position to continue upgrading.....

  6. Nick M

    Nick M Moderator

    Thanks lots guys. Whatever, I'll just run that old thing as a server, and try to save money for a new one, I guess she'll have to wait a little bit :)

    Again, thanks for the informative help.

    - Nick