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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by jdn, Feb 24, 2003.

  1. jdn

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    Okay here we go.
    I have purchased
    Asus A7N8X mobo
    2 sticks azenram 512 pc2700 ddr
    athlon 2400xp- got a deal on it. May return for a 2700
    lian li pc65u case
    All other components will be reused from the system below
    Now the questions
    1 - Do I have to reformat - 40 gig has xp pro on it; 120 is for files, video(80mb)
    2- What sort of grief am I going to get from M$ wpa. XP pro is licensed copy but I am forever swapping pci and video cards
    3- Any words of wisdom

  2. SkazzyUK

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    If that Hard Drive was used with a different mobo then the answer will be probably yes! but give it a try, no harm trying to run the hard drive with the xp on.

    I personally would start fresh - new system = new o/s.

  3. rettahc

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    No, but when you change motherboards, it is always a good idea to do a format and a clean install. Just to get windows to boot up after you put in a new MOBO you usually have to do a repair install. But a format/clean install is probably best.
    Probably none, at the very worst you will have to call the 800 number and tell them you just upgraded your motherboard. I have done a clean install and then two days later upgaded my motherboard/CPU did another clean install and it activated on the internet without any problems.
  4. jkipk

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    here's the wpa thing, though. If you do trip the activation, it's a fairly straightforward process to re-activate, and I've found MS pretty forgiving. They just say "is this for a single computer?", and you say yes, and then you read off a zillion and 2 numbers to them (what a job that must be after getting a BS in computer engineering-reading back meaningless numbers to dolts!) It takes about 15 minutes. OK not so bad but now you are FOREVER doomed to go through this phone process EVERY time you re-format. Not only that, but recently I uninstalled and re-installed a NIC driver, and I had to re-activate (by phone!!!) for THAT!!! It's dumb dumb dumb. Makes you wanna steal as much software as you can just to get back at them (just kidding....)

  5. jdn

    jdn I'm trying

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    okay I do have a in the box copy of xp home
    how bout installing with this and then once all hardware is in and running upgrade to xp pro. Only 1 phone call??
    I apologise if this is getting off topic "hardware"
    maybe thus thread should be moved to "upgrades"
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    Okay, here is the real deal with Microsoft Activation.

    After activation, your infomation stays in the microsoft's database for 60 days. During these days you can not activate that copy of windows.

    After those 60 days your 'infomation' is kicked from the database, and you can activate the same copy of windows.

    This is contine to loop until microsoft changes their "smart":huh: system.

    BTW: If you want to use a microsoft product, buy it. Don't use warez.
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    But are you really kidding? ;)

  8. Kush

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    sorry but u will

    sorry but u will have to format tthe drive that u have xp on, cuz i tried the same thing but when i booted for the first time and it said ntldr missing and u cant do boot fix that wont work. i had to reformat so i took an another hard drive 20gb and moved all my mp3's and videos and stuff, then i installed it. runs like a charm except that i dont have a psu so it doenst turn on. hehe i neeed one ill get one soon!
  9. jdn

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  10. j79zlr

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    It because they don't think anyone will have it up and running for 60 days straight. It woulda worked perfect for WinME