upgrade home to pro, am i right about this?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by hadez, Feb 26, 2003.

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    I got a new laptop, came with winxp home. found out how much of a difference there is between home and pro, was wondering if i upgraded to professional after all the changed settings and applications i have on here, the settings woulds be back to default and i would have to reinstall programs, am i right? hope not...
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    In most cases, upgrading doesn't require you to reinstall applications or reconfigure your settings. There are some system settings that may be changed during the upgrade, but whether your settings will change probably depends on what settings you're talking about. As long as your are installing over an existing installation, then your apps should be fine, especially since you're already running XP. If there are some specific things that you are concerned about, you might want to post those.
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    nah nah the settings are just a bunch of changes in the registry which i could change later. If my apps will stay as they are i hope that's what will happen, im not sure if all apps will be working as previous. this winxp home is actually registered and ****, if i use the old winxp iso image burn and install with a kegged key, that gonna prevent me from getting the normally allowed uploads after pro sp1? if so forget it i'll put debian back on.
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    ok, not in response to you, but into response to the incredably nice people in #ntfs on irc, iceman, you didn't have a chance since kb 1. razatar, whatever ummmm...your name was, please, i told you not to do what you did. i asked a question, you answered, i corrected you, you got snotty. don't look at me when you see that --->info-mentionally <---(seriously strange spelling) conditioned hard drive opened to all view at any time, unless you do what your suggestion to me was, HEY KIDS "CLEAN INSTALL". now, this was for my brother man, and you had to get jacked obeying by your own manmade laws like I should never ever post crap like this again, so, do what you can with the nullsession and such other multiple problems you know have but will not notice. even a "CLEAN INSTALL" will wipe it away. carry on, maybe not to windows.

    You have been EDITED.
    Don't post like this AGAIN.

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    it's okay for the edit, didn't have to edit my real words though, sorry for the language on the site, i've been here since the second month, some people just need a smack in the face. my bad on the post.

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    Thank you for being kewl about it. :cool: