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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by andre9540, May 6, 2003.

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    Ahhhhhh..... i have 440 comps to upgrade a Novell and ZEN works client for. Anyway the Zen works need SP3 for it to install at all. So no prob right? NO! It takes for ever... so i was wondering if its possible to burn SP3 on CD so i cant updat from SP1 and not have to download.

    So far:
    My boss has giving me the SP3 cd...used it but i cant update for SP1, which is really weird, cause on the windows site i can.

    got the SP2 cd but install both take more time than download off the net and installing so scratch that idea

    Any ideas well be helpful

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    Your bumping after six minutes. :eek:

    Is it possible to slipstream sp3 with sp2?
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    It may be just me but I did not understand what you are asking.

    Windows service packs are cumulative. Means you only have to install SP 3, it contains all fixes of the previous service packs.
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    yah sorry really this project is due wed so i need some help
    I went to teh windows web site and got the SP3 download hopefully it will work so i can just install for any version of 2000
    if not i am screwed.
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    srry didt see the next post. the SP3 fror the updat site will do that but the one on CD will not...... but download SP3 take forever on these comps. so i need available when i go to the comp its self
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    Ok download the SP3 Network Administrators edition a.k.a. full update then burn it to a CD.
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    andre9540: If you are interested in automating the process of installing SP3 then I can help you with that. It's really easy and does not require much administration from you at all.

    The following assumes that all the PCs are on the same network and that they are reachable by your PC. It also assumes that the administrator password is the same on all PCs.

    1. Create a file (lets call it c:\pcs.txt) and dump all of the computer names to it, one per line.

    2. Drop to a command prompt.

    3. Enter the following "for /f %i IN (c:\pcs.txt) DO copy c:\w2ksp3.exe \\%i\c$\temp\w2ksp3.exe>>cop
    ysp3.bat" (without quotations) This will create a batch file with each line reading as follows:

    copy c:\w2ksp3.exe \\computer1\c$\temp\w2ksp3.exe
    copy c:\w2ksp3.exe \\computer2\c$\temp\w2ksp3.exe
    ...and so on

    This file will copy the service pack locally on the PC. Make sure that you have the original SP3 on your C drive. (c:\w2ksp3.exe)

    4. Now do a runas on a command prompt using the administrator account (in case you do not know how... Hold down your SHIFT key and right click on the command prompt icon, or from a command prompt enter "runas /user:localcompname\administrator cmd.exe")

    5. In the administrator command prompt enter "for /f %i IN (c:\pcs.txt) DO at \\%i XX:XXpm w2ksp3.exe -u -z -q>>runsp3.bat" (without quotations of course...) This will create a batch file that will create a task scheduler event on each of the PCs. Where XX:XX equals the time such as 10:32am. I would suggest that you have it run sometime in the middle of the night. the -z switch keeps the PC from rebooting so this gives you the ability to do it during work hours. If you choose to do it after hours then you can omit the -z switch and the PCs will reboot after they are done.

    at \\computer1 XX:XXpm w2ksp3.exe -u -z -q
    at \\computer2 XX:XXpm w2ksp3.exe -u -z -q
    ...and so on

    Now, you have two batch files. copysp3.bat and runsp3.bat

    I suggest that you complete copysp3.bat BEFORE you compile runsp3.bat. Remember that SP3 is 100+MB so make sure that your pipe can handle it. If they are all local PCs then you should be OK. If you have remote sites then you may want to look into other means. I have and do use this method quite a bit. I know it to work very well if used right. You may also want to split it into 2 days... running the copy script overnight on one day and then the scheduler script the next. Please let me know if you have any questions. Good luck! Hope you read this before you get too involved doing it the hard way.
  9. Un4gIvEn1

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    Oh... forgot to mention... When you run the batch files run them as such...


    doing so pipes any output to a text file. This give you a log file. Good luck!
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    alright thanks for the info i am going to try and set this up tommorrow if i still have time..... new project so more hands might be drawn into this one... but i really appreciate the help
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    I know SP3 cannot be installed on an already installed Win2K machine that does not have SP1 or higher already installed - I know this as I've tried it.

    However, you can slipstream SP3 admin install with the Win2K cd contents and re-burn it to a CD (I have done it myself to save messing with the original installation and then going onto installing SP1/2 to finally install SP3)