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  1. does anyone here know if there is a program that will unzip multiple files, batch unzip. i have a lot ( 100+) of zip files that are small (50-60k) and contain only 1-3 files each. it would be nice to have a program that can open and unzip to a folder without me having to open each one individualy. thank for any suggestions.
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    Most of them will do that. I know WinRAR does it. All you have to do is highlight them all, right click on one of them, and select Extract. Then they should all be extracted.
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    Yip .. Like Vector said - Just select all and right click, then select extract ..
  4. unzip multiple file

    thanks Vector, lechtard. appciate the help.
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    WinZip will do this, just highlight all the files, then right click, WinZip->Extract using names for folders

    and then you will have loads of folders with the extracted contents
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    Yip .. Like Geffy said - Just select all and right click, then select extract ..
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    you're not the only one.

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