Unreal and Logitech Mouseware

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Ves007, Dec 2, 2001.

  1. Ves007

    Ves007 Guest

    I got a problem with my mouse. The middle mouse button won't work in Unreal Tournament. I need that button bad for jumping. And expecially now cause UNF 2 is coming out.
    So does somebody know how to fix it.
  2. AndyP

    AndyP OSNN Senior Addict

    Is there an option in the game to use a third button? If it is, you may not have configured the mouseware program right....
  3. Ves007

    Ves007 Guest

    Somebody from a newsgroup send me a patch to try out.
  4. Operandi

    Operandi Guest

    Set your middle button to “middle button” in the Logitech drivers that should work. That is the only function that seems to work with UT.
  5. fieroloki

    fieroloki Guest

    I had a problem in Counter-Strike... I use a 3 button mouse and d/l logitechs drivers. button 1 is fire 2 is move forward and 3 is jump...any time i was going forward and hit jump I would stop. Would have to re-click forward button. A real pain in a fire fight.. And the problem ended up being LogiTechs drivers... As of now im using the drivers from XP and everything works GREAT!!!! Try reverting back to XP default drivers for it.
  6. Zenman

    Zenman Guest

    Fieroloki is so right.Logitech mouse drivers suck in CS,so maybe they don't work in Unreal either.My scroll wheel refused to work in CS until I rolled back to the Xp drivers(besides,what good are the Logitech drivers anyway?????)
  7. MSUman4

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    Michigan, USA
    I agree with you guys too. Logitech's drivers suck. I tried them with Rogue Spear and the scroll wheel won't work even when assigned as "middle button". I just use XP's drivers and haven't had a problem yet. I have contacted Logitech about this and all they keep telling me is to reinstall drivers and make sure middle button is assigned as "middle button". I just wish they would hear all of the people having problems here and get to work on making new drivers that work in XP.
  8. LiquidIce

    LiquidIce Guest

    Temp Fix

    I had the same problem in Quake 3. Try this, Alt-Ctrl-Del and goto task manager. Look for EM_EXEC and end the task on it. Then try out the game. Your middle mouse button should now work. Logitech's drivers suck, I called their tech support and they had no idea about this problem. I told THEM how to fix it.
  9. GeeZuZz

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    i have the same problem. after the mouseware drivers were installed the wheelup and wheeldown weren't possible to use in games...

    That is the only reason why I never use the mouseware.

    Logitech should do something about this...
  10. Big B

    Big B Guest

    Microsoft Mice work great:D