Unreal 2: The Awakening Problems

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by Eck, May 10, 2003.

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    First off: http://dellepro.dellhost.com/eck/unreal
    Look at the textures of those characters. Most of the characters in the game are like this, aside from Aida, until recently as you can see in pic 6... yes... that's Aida.

    Problem #2: I'm getting severe stuttering, but only when a NEW sound is being played for that time I have loaded that game. For example, if I just load the game, load my level, and then jump, he makes a grunting sound and the game stutters. Then after that, I can jump all I want and it won't studder. Then, the first time I fire a weapon it studders. Also when dialogue is taking place it stutters.

    Problem #3: It's only done this three times, but, here goes. I'll be playing the game, fighting through a level and all of the sudden my PC will reboot. No warnings, nothing. I haven't tried going into system properties and switching from "reboot on error" or whatever... The problem just started yesterday. It did it once then and twice today.

    I'm getting ready to do a fresh install on my new harddrive, but I don't know if that would help this stuff?

    Oh yes, I'm also using the latest Unreal 2 patch.
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    coupla quick questions... are you overclocking anything in your rig ? what drivers are you using for your video card and what settings (ie what texture sharpening et al coz the bump mapping looks terrible)

    unreal 2 does have some problems... I can attest to that myself.. the game occasionally crashes to desktop with errors... but this is more a problem with epic and their programming than anything else... but I have never had any texture issues like that...

    are you experiencing any texture degradation in any other games to this extent ?

    post and I will get back to you...
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    hmmm, well dont waste ur time with this game in the first place
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    you get corrupted textures like these if your files are corrupted!
    or it's bad 1:1 copy..it's known with Safedisk 1.8 that if you want to copy a cd some files will be skipped
  5. Eck

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    The only thing I'm overclocking is my video card. It's at 275, 580 memory. I thought that might have been the problem. It was at 285/590 so I back it down a little and that didn't help. I'm using the 40.72 Nvidia drivers.

    I'm not having any texture problems in any other games.


    I like this game. It's fun, nice graphics, cool weapons. The whole artifacts thing is kinda dumb, but other than that it's good.


    I bought my game, it's retail.
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    Its your drivers its clearly stated in the readme that 40.xx drivers have problems which mess up the character textures i had that problem too but noone checks the readme anymore.
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    yeah its the drivers, update to the latest dets and it will be fixed