Unknown Taskbar on desktop?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Alex_is_Axel, Aug 31, 2003.

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    Goodevening Everyone,

    Im helping someone out here with their computer about an unkown taskbar on their system. Now ive seen it before because my mum has had it on her computer but i have forgotten how to remove it unless i removed it with spybot or ad-aware. The simple question is, Do you know what the taskbar is and does anyone know how to remove it? i know it is a spyware or ad-aware.. just wondering if i could help her out

    Ad-Aware and Spybot or any other program installations are not allowed according to her parents, maybe a patch or something or something to help remove this annoying taskbar. Can anyone help me? :eek:

    Thank you for your help and time

    Alex :cool:

    P.S The image of the task bar is attached
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    also were go the links go 2?
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    I think you must have installed msn plus the addon for msn its a stupid toolbar thats in the app.

    If you check in settings somewhere you can disable it.
    If not remove plus then reinstall it but make sure you untick the box for the toolbar/taskbar.

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    Looks like someone said yes to one of those Java popups - Check the sart up and see if anything is in there, also check the add/remove and see if anything diff is in there also .