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    If you type these in from the csh (c shell): in Unix you really do get
    these responses.

    % make love
    Make: Don't know how to make love. Stop.

    % got a light?
    No match.

    % sleep with me
    bad character

    % man: Why did you get a divorce?
    man: Too many arguments.

    % make 'heads or tails of all this'
    Make: Don't know how to make heads or tails of all this. Stop.

    % make sense
    Make: Don't know how to make sense. Stop.

    % make mistake
    Make: Don't know how to make mistake. Stop.

    % make bottle.open
    Make: Don't know how to make bottle.open. Stop.

    % \(-
    (-: Command not found.

    % make light
    Make: Don't know how to make light. Stop.

    % date me
    You are not superuser: date not set Thu Aug 25 15:52:30 PDT 1988

    % man rear
    No manual entry for rear.

    % If I had a ) for every dollar my girlfriend spent, what would I have?
    Too many )'s.

    % * How would you describe your life partner
    *: Ambiguous.

    % ^How did the^sex change operation go?
    Modifier failed.

    % who is my match?
    No match.

    % awk "Polly, the ship is sinking"
    awk: syntax error near line 1
    awk: bailing out near line

    % 'thou shalt not commit adultery'
    thou shalt not commit adultery: Command not found.
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