Unistalling Internet Explorer

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by zatrix, Feb 13, 2002.

  1. zatrix

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    I just realized that what i was doing before was not uninstalling internet explorer bu just removing its shortcuts.


  2. rjack22

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    Uninstalling IE

    I thought someone on here said that to uninstall IE you had to go to the Add/Remove Programs and then to the Windows Componests option. Uncheck the IE box.

    I haven't checked it out though.
  3. FURY

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    nope that just kills 2 or 3 icons.

    there is no way to remove it.. I wish ther was so i can reinstall it but no!
  4. Highwind7777

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    if u really really hate IE, then get Windows 98 lite...
  5. Rootz

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    You can remove IE only when you have upgrade it and want to revert back your windows to previous state (note *windows*... not IE).
    IE is a core component of the MS system, you may try to remove it but you'll likely run into really serious problems that will cost you reinstallation of the system from scratch.
    If you just hate IE (actually can't figure out why) then remove the shortcuts from the desktop (*customize desktop* options in desktop properties) and install a new browser and set it as default.
    Besides... the actual size of IE program folder is so small that you save little if you delete it (and please don't do it), the rest (and the most) of IE resides in the Windows folder and subfolder, so don't remove it.
  6. FURY

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    so can you repair/reinstall ie? incase it f`s up
  7. Rootz

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    Normally you just reinstall IE and everything gets back to normal (sometimes not).
    However Win2k and WinXP (IE6 or higher) have *system file protection* [sfc] so when you install IE on these systems you will only update your browser files but more serious problems may not be fixed.
    So one last thing you can consider before having a clean reinstall of the system is to run the *sfc /scannow* command.
  8. zatrix

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    Thanx a lot fantomas0072000
    It really helped!!!!
  9. zatrix

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    OMG......this really sucks...it didn't work again.!!!
    I have no clue what happened!