Unistall Windows XP Security Updates

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by daraptor, Sep 15, 2006.

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    hey guyz. my computer is running on winXP sp1..i simply used to get a message sayin i have to update to XP SP2.so i did ,i dont know what happened i got an error message sayin update cannot continue...since then i can see weird things happening on my computer like IExplorer suddenly shuts down with an error report....so my question...if I uninstall all the security updates and hotfix for windows from the control panel--->add or remove programs will this effect my computer....plz help me guyz.someone plz help me..can someone tell me precisely waht to do to unistall the updates and everythin plz thanx
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    Re: unistall security updates

    my recommendation is....

    get an SP2 install disc and reinstall from here NOT REPAIR I believe that will fail, reinstall, OK? I truly believe this is your best way out of what will have been left as a broken XP....

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