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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ryan3dfan, Jul 27, 2002.

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    are there any uninstall programs for the beta direct x 9 out yet? if i remember correctly the thing expires really soon and someone said when it does you have to reload windows. i havent been using xp longer than 6 months, but any time i have reloaded windows its also a reformat. unlike windows 98 where you wouldnt lose anything when you reloaded windows. anyways i was wondering because im gonna be majorly pissed if i have to reformat and lose the ton of information i have on my computer all because direct x expired. yes i know there was a pre installation warnin about it expiring but i got power hungry thinking it would make my games much faster. you can imagine my dismay when it didn't do a whole lot to boost my performance. anyways any help anyone can give would be great, thanks.
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    can't you just repair windows ?
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    yeah i was wondering with xp...can't you just reinstall windows without reformatting? cause the last time i tried reinstalling windows when i had a problem it reformatted. i couldn't figure out how to do it without reformatting, windows 98 always gave me a choice or just didn't reformat.
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    U should be able to repair your Windows installion by booting from ur XP cd. I don't remember where the option is but go through till u have the choice of formating reinstalling Windows or repair and select the repair and it should put Direct X 8 back. If that doesn't go to where I've linked and u should be able to download version 8.1b which is the offical release.directx 8 download
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    well i don't have an xp cd, just a restore cd that came with my computer. but hopefully it should give me the same options...ill give it a shot
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    Did you not make a restore point before you installed DX9.
    Just go there.I know you will lose all added since but beats starting from scratch...
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    The direct X beta version I had, expired today. I could not find a way to remove it, the 8.2 version doesn't seem to overwrite it. I then tried to manually move the 8.2 files into the system32 directory while in safe mode, but this did not work and actually screwed up things worse (dxdiag would freak out when I ran it), so I found a newer directX 9 version and installed that (expires in Jan). This install worked, but now most of my games don't, they just crash hard....not sure why. At this point I said screw it I will re-install SP1, this however did not seem to help any. So I decided to uninstall SP1, and then re-install SP1 hoping that would force it to correct the DirectX issue. No go.

    I then used my restore disc, and chose to use the OS install method (no reformat start from scratch stuff) since I have over 100G of stuff I want to keep and backing up/re-installing is always a PITA. After this was over, and I rebooted into XP, I ran dxdiag and guess what....still version 9! I don't get it, I didn't get a chance to try it out to see if it works now, but I would think a re-install of the OS (pre SP1 and any updates for XP) would have taken care of it.

    Still looking for a way to fix this issue, but its looking like a total reformat is going to be the only option :(
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    depending on what site provided you with the directx 9 installer u might consider asking them or winbeta they seem to be into that sorta thing ..... hint hint...