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    this is the bsod error message that now comes up when i boot my computer, what im thinking myself is a short circuit on the motherboard, but i've already done a fresh install, works fine for a while, then goes again, same thing when i do a repair from the cd.

    the hard drive is detected in the bios, and i can access it no problem when i put it in another system, and i've changed the IDE cable already. its a dell dimension 4500, win xp home...
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    See how this goes>>

    A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer


    If this is the first time you've seen this error screen, restart your computer. If this screen apppears again, follow these steps:

    Check to make sure any new hardware or software is properly installed. If this is a new installation ask your hardware of software manuufacturer for any windows update you might need.

    If the problems continue, , disable or remove any newly installed hardware or software. Disable BIOS memory options such as caching or shadowing. If you need to use Safe Mode to remove or disable compontents, restart your computer, press F8 to select Advanced Startup Options, and then select Safe Mode.

    Technical Information
    ***STOP: 0X000000ED (0X823D7BB8, 0XC0000006, 0X00000000, 0X00000000)

    THE FIX:

    Boot from the CD to the Recovery Console

    Type: chkdsk /r (and wait FOREVER)
    Type: fixboot
    Type: exit
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    fantastic stuff HD, gonna try it in a while and i'll post, wil it stil work after i've done a fresh install ( which i've just done ) ?

    heck i'll try it now, and would scandisk and defrag help after boot?

    chkdsk is performing additional checking or recovery...

    ok it is takin forever, like a full format or something, thank god its only 80GB and not 180... :nervous:

    beautiful, seems to have worked, runnin scandisk on next boot, and then re-installin apps, and hopefully all will be ok after that, really appreciate the help HD :)
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