Unable to play Audio cd ?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Nhom, Feb 18, 2002.

  1. Nhom

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    It is not the right place but if someone could help me...

    Do you know a way to play audio-cd that does NOT play on pc?
    A trick ? A website?something?

  2. DrX

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    If you put it in the CD drive , can you explore it ?

    If you can see the files , try copying the disk tot he hard drive and convert them to mp3 maybe

    Im really not to sure
  3. JJB6486

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    Make sure the 4-pin audio cable is connected from your soundcard to your CD drive

  4. Nhom

    Nhom Guest

    In fact...

    I think that it is a sort of protection to NOT be able to copy them...

    I can NOT explore them...and the files seem to be in other format that WAV files...

    Thx anyway
  5. Bytes Back

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    I think your'e right, it's a new protection scheme to stop you copying CD's. If you do copyy this CD and then try to play the copy on a normal CD player all you will get is an awful screeching sound.

    The downside is ( apart from the fact you can't copy it ) is that they wont play on CD roms either. I don't know of any hacks, cracks or tricks around it.

    I do know that you have a perfect right to take it back and demand one without this protection. It's not fit for the purpose it was sold for. Does it say on it "will not play on PC cd roms! ? After all, if all you have is a PC cd then you can't play it all.
  6. Nhom

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    Exactely !!!

    I'm fuc...

    Thx for the answer man !
  7. Flash

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    If your CD supports Digital Audio you don't require an audio cable, that is for analog. Set it in the device manager.