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    Hello all, I am having a little problem with eh udma settings n Win XP Pro. I have two hdd one is a ATA133 the other an ATA66 both are on the onboard ATA100 controller. In the device mgr they used to show up at running in Mode 5 and 4 now they are showing as running in UDMA Mode 2. I have tried un-installing and reinstalling the Via 4in1 drivers to no avail. Any suggestion how I can get the faster UDMA modes back? Systems specs below

    Soyo Dragon + mobo
    XP 1700+
    512Megs Crucial PC2100
    GF3 TI 200
    Maxtor D740x 40gig ATA133
    Maxtor Diamond Max 10gig ATA66
    Onboard sound and nic
    WinXP Pro SP1

    Any help is greatly appreciated

    EDIT for the fix: DUH felling kind of lame. The IDE cable was not seated all the way. Got it seated proper and all is good again
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