UDMA 100 not kicking in?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Kylie, Sep 30, 2002.

  1. Kylie

    Kylie Guest

    I have the MSI Kt7 with raid [disabled]
    I boot off a ATA100 promise card, due to issues with the on-board raid.

    I have ata100 enabled within XP.

    Using HDTACH I only get a transfer of 62mb, yet when I first got the mobo it went off the scale!!

    Can anyone advise why I am not getting ATA100 transfer rates anymore?
  2. Zedric

    Zedric NTFS Guru Folding Team

    Have you checked if it still on?

    HDD:s will show slower and slower transfer rates if you put more data on them. A full disk is much slower than an empty one. Fragmentation is a *****. :)
  3. Kylie

    Kylie Guest

    Have defragged with diskeeper 7.
    I have checked its still on using tweak XP, but would be grateful if you could advise of the registry key to manually check.

  4. Doctor Who

    Doctor Who Guest

    62 meg a a second isn't all that bad, I know I'm not getting 100 meg a second on my ATA 100 RAID setup, but thats to be expected, does hte computer feel slow in anyway? If does you'd have cause for concern, but as it goes I can't see too much to worry about.
  5. Kylie

    Kylie Guest

    Its seems okay.... just one of those annoying things, its the why! its gone wrong that bugs me.

    I hate giving up on things lol, I enjoy the learning curve and satisfaction when the damn thing does what "I" want it to do... not what it desides it will :)

  6. Doctor Who

    Doctor Who Guest

    Thats the way it goes, you'll never ever get a 100 meg a second transfer anyway, not even with the fastest hard drives in the world. IDE really is pretty poor for performance issues once your drive starts to fill up.

    You only get near 100 meg a second with SCSI hardware and that costs a mint!!
  7. Kylie

    Kylie Guest

    Thanks - better start saving!!!
  8. Doctor Who

    Doctor Who Guest

    I've got some SCSI gear, but it's pretty slow stuff (well ok thats due to the SCSI card) I once had a 18 gig Seagate Cheetah U160, that was a screamer at 10k RPM, and you did get about 130 meg a second with that thing !!
  9. XP Abuser

    XP Abuser Guest

    The atapi interface is always 1 step ahead of the hard drive for example if its ata 100 then thats the *MAX* data transfer not what speed it transfers data so your never gonna get higher than that... also depends on the quality of your hdd if you want higher transfer get 133 or scsi.:D :D