udf reader screwed up my DVD

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by apu95, Nov 12, 2002.

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    i have a toshiba DVD in my notebook...i installed the adaptec udf reader so i could read some cds which i couldnt read before...anyways, now the thing doesnt read any cd that not legal (and by legal i mean like the commercial ones like legal ofice, legal windows xp, legal quake 3, bla bla bla). it cant read any cdr, cdrw...and before i installed the reader it could read MOST of them....
    anyone know how to solve this? ive tried uninstalling the reader but i cant, it gives me a really weird error with some weird code...

    thx, apu
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    UDF Reader

    Earlier versions of Adaptec Easy Cd Creator use this programme which was written by them, but it does interfer with later versions from 5.0 onwards when installed separately.
    I have successfully loaded this extracted UDF on to a lap top to read Cdrs and CDRws using Win 98.
    Your version is likely to be corrupt or possibly an old version.
    Look at www.roxio.com. for updates.
    Go to "search" , "find" in Start Menu and look for any files under "UDF" and manually delete these, including the uninstaller if it will not uninstall itself.
    Again I have done this on Win 98 and XP.
    Otherwise you may have a software conflict , maybe involved with other CDRW software.
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    Check out here as well.