Typing ( W ) in IE brings up a list of junk?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by KMA, Nov 25, 2003.

  1. KMA

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    I know this may sound silly...but...

    When I clear the Address bar in IE and start to type www.
    When the first W is there..a whole list of stuff shows up?
    Most of it is all BS links to sights and search engines I don't care about or want.

    How do I get rid of this list.

    I have cleaned and cleaned... but I can't make them go away.

    Please Help.

    Thanks for your time.

    Matt.... KMA:)
  2. lojow

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    There's a nice defrag program called VoptXP.
    Free trialware, 30 days, and there's an option under
    Tools->Privacy and cleanup called Url Cache.

    Or, you can just search google for how to clean the url cache... I'm too lazy right now :p

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  3. KMA

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    IE list of junk

    Thanks for the help...but It's still there.

    This is a list that won't go away.

    It's not cleared by history..temp or anything else.

    Give it a try in your own IE...

    Type this.... " www.a" and then see what shows under it.
    Then try it again "www.b" and then "www.c" and see if a strange list comes up that can't be cleared.

    It's pain it the butt and I'm not real happy about not being able to clear it out.

    Let me know if you come up with something to fix this.

    Thanks again.

    Matt KMA
  4. Clirion

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    It looks like it is the stuff from the history cache. I just did it in my browser and got 2 sites I had visisted that began with a.

    This is the history settings. Remember this is every site IE touched, not just what you typed in there. So ads and stuff is going to hit it. Get one of the cleaners listed above, or simply clear the history in the IE options, On the General Tab and then Clear History. Then try the test without any connection to the internet.
  5. KMA

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    IE list of junk

    Tryed that...closed everything...turned zone alarm lock on...Nothing in...nothing out.

    Cleared all the historys with IE
    Cleared everthing with zone alarm.
    Then cleared everthing with Norton clean sweep.

    Hey...Something strange... Norton clean sweep can't clean 1.7 megs of something in history.

    Swiched to norton web cleaner... It can't clean 31 url's from history. total of 1.7 megs.

    Ok..but how to I find them myself?

    Where exactly is IE history folder located?

  6. Clirion

    Clirion Guest

    The History Folder is in C:\Documents and Settings\username\local settings\history

    Assuming C: is the drive and the username is the person that logs in. Local Settings is a hidden folder so make sure you can read it. In the History folder you have 3 things Lastweek Monday and Today. There are sites installed in all 3.
  7. KMA

    KMA Guest

    I've tryed it all....and it's still there.

    I think it's time to clean it up the big way...reformat and reinstall.

    Unless anyone else can come up with an idea?

    Thanks for everyones help

  8. lojow

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    Of course, you can always do it the long way...
    When you type in ( w ) and the list of sites comes up, you can highlight and delete them one at a time... But voptxp has always worked for me *shrugs*

    The things we'll do for a clean browser history ;P

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  9. lojow

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  10. cpugeniusmv

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    this was mentioned in a previous post, but in the autocomplete options after you have deselected "Web addresses" make sure you hit the two "clear" buttons, as well as "clear history" on the main tab.

    wouldn't hurt to "delete temporary internet files" and the cookies too.
  11. KMA

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    Thanks for the link lojow !
    I got the trial of Tracks eraser and it found lots of junk...but not all of it.

    Nortons cleansweep is better and nothing is left over now.

    But Some of the url's are still stuck in there.

    some times they only show when I type WWW and then delete one at a time the (w) untill I have one of them ...then it shows up.

    Also...nothing shows up if I use the the box arrow on the right of the address bar. ?

    This is just stupid.

    I've tryed all the basics...all the buttons to clear everything in tools... even all the off line buttons

    I'm open to any ideas.

    Thanks again.

  12. Jim

    Jim Guest

    Have you tried ...Right Click Taskbar/Properties/Start Menu Tab/Customize/Then Click the Clear Button.
  13. damnyank

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    Petal, Mississippi
    I am coming in on the tail end of this thread - but thought I might add something about the index.dat files. These folders will be recreated (upon reboot I believe). But anyway an empty index.dat folder is in the neighborhood of 16KB.

    As far as what you got left I am at a lose also - just wanted to let you know not to be surprised when the foldders reappear!
  14. KMA

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    Yes I have tried the task bar clear...but that only takes out the items in the start list..

    About the index.dat they were cleared by the track eraser program.

    So i'm still stuck with them.

    I started to think they were internet plugins and looked at those with norton clean sweep...but no luck.

    There is no pattern to them...it's just strange stuff...some are links and some are like search engines... some are the names of programs...like winamp that I just downloaded.

    I don't know...but if anyone does someone from this group should know about it. :)

    Keep me posted with your ideas and i'll try anything.
    Once we get it fixed i'll be sure to post it here to let everyone know about it.