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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by theauditors, Nov 28, 2002.

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    A thought occured to me this morning after pondering how annoying the cap on my cable was getting. As some of you may know, optus in australia has a 3GB/month cap on their cable internet (unless you want to pay ridiculous amounts of money for it), and after that speed and bandwidth is limited to 28.8kbps levels.

    Narrowband is relatively cheap, with unlimited hours and downloads plans with no automatic disconnect plans being available for approx. $25-$30. Therefore, if I were able to download 24/7 on narrowband, I'd be able to get around 5GB/month extra (at a conservative estimate), for not that much money.

    My question is this: is there a way for me to set up my computer so that I can keep my computer on all the time, being logged into an account that utilizes a dialup connection, whilst being able to log into my normal account and use my cable internet connection when i need it? Can windows xp handle different users using different internet connections? I would only be using direct connect (a file transfer program) on my dialup account, so is there a way to ensure that all traffic other than dc++ is routed to the cable account?

    thanks in advance
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    If dialup is that cheap you may want to try a shotgun setup, where you have 2 connections one is used for uploads and the other for downloads, instead of sharing one connection for both. But to answer your question, yes you should be able to handle 2 simultaneous connections at a time, based on configuration alone, i.e. telling Internet Explorer to connect via dialup or cable.
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    I'd like to stick with cable as my main surfing connection, simply for the fact that it's so much faster for what I'm usually doing on the internet.

    It'd be really great if I could get some help in setting this configuration up...possibly some websites that could help me? Like i said, I want everything other than Direct Connect to use my cable connection...any ideas on how to force DC to use the dialup one? Is my idea of having another user account with the dialup connection going to work?
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    kinda tricky setup you want there ;)
    i mean.. surf with cable, download with dial up.. never head of anyone doing that before..
    maybe you could set it up just do download with both, upload with both.. so like just simulatneous connections.. 2 act as 1 .. don't ask me how to do it.. but sounds simpler than that ;)
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    From what I've heard, windows isn't able to use two internet connections to perform the same I don't think using both connections for upload and download would work. Anyway, it'd still defeat the whole purpose of me doing this; the cap on my download limit. I just want to be able to leave my computer sitting on the entire time with another account logged on, which is downloading stuff on dialup, while I can log into my account and use the cable whenever I like. Anyone??

    *edit* come on, where are you forum monkies when I need you most
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    Does Windows XP allow different users to have different internet connection settings? This is probably the main question involved here...if it's a yes, then I can probably do what I want to do.
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    If I can't get this working, the worst that will happen is that I'll just connect to the dialup account before I go to bed, and leave it downloading until I get home the following day. However, that's still about 1/3 of the day I'd appreciate a solution.
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    sorry this was meant to be a reply to theauditors post about 2 internet connections
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