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  1. Hello all;

    Using Xpro, I have two USB controllers, a Belkin n50 speedpad and a Saitek X36F joystick/throttle combo. The speedpad was installed first and functions fine. I installed the joystick today using the latest Saitek drivers, it is recognized by XP and seems okay. However, when trying to use it in a game, IWar2 in this case, it isn't recognised. Iwar2 doesn't have a way to select it as such, but when I tried to install the joystick sometime ago to use with MW:Vengence the same thing happened. With 98SE, all I had to do was move the controller to the #1 position and everything would be fine, but of course XP doesn't have this feature. ANY help would be greatly appreciated in this matter.
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    In the Game Controllers control panel applet, hit "Advanced", then select your stick as the preferred device. This effectively sets your stick as #1.

    The SpeedPad only plays nicely with certain other brands of controllers -- I've found that MS is generally okay, and Gravis is a pain in the arse. I had a Saitek stick once, but before I owned the SpeedPad.

    I cheated (since I don't use a true stick anymore) and got Belkin's dual-analog pad (the same as their PS2 pad, sans dual-shock compatibility) -- since it runs with the same software, it's much easier to handle. I figured it was worth it, since I can't live without my SpeedPad. Too bad Belkin doesn't make sticks.
  3. Thanks Gnu, worked like a charm. I even got the loadout SW working.