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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Ramanuman, Apr 29, 2002.

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    Mmmhh... I don't know if this'll be a success, but I thought about this thread where brainless people like me could, say, "give a challenge" to the more technically gifted.

    That is, if you think a tweek you'd like is possible but don't have the time, the patience or the brains to figure it out, post it here and see if someone comes up with an answer.
    (Could have called it "The lazy thread"... :eek: )


    In my case, there are 2 things I'd like to be able to do :

    1- personalize the windows hot keys (for example, the "windows key"+m, that minimizes all windows).

    2- create and add a pop-up menu to Explorer.
    i.e., either create an icon on the desktop that you'd click and that would unfold a list of applications, or maybe find a way to add applications to the normal right-click.
    (About that last option, I've tried programs that were supposed to do this but none really worked. )
  2. Twink

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    hmm I odn't think #1 is possible, but for number 2 try look at shortpopup from it's not quite what you asked for, but it might be a good substitute
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    Thanks a lot Twink,
    Will do :)
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    If you want tweaks read This thread. Over 200 posts with some great tweaks :)
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  6. Swi

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    For your first question, there's a program called WinKey that does the trick but i never tried it. It is free to download at