Tweaking out a fresh XP install ?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Vorpal, Sep 6, 2003.

  1. Vorpal

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    I think I'm going to start from complete scratch and make a new set of ghost images with more fall back points.

    These is my ghost image log file (notes) I made the last time.

    I'm wondering what everyone else does on a fresh intall. I used Atomic XP a few times.... but haven't in a while. I know there's so many good tweaks, but the time involved in setting an XP system back up usually gets me rushing just to get it over with.

    Just curious... thanks.

    (the log file seems to help me get through an installation really fast - like a checklist, good for helping friends with a new system)

  2. napalmnthemorning

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    I guess everybody has there own checklist when restarting after a clean install. Your's looks pretty good Vorpal. Its really a pain in the ass but a nice clean install really sort of re-energizer the system. I'm just glad I got cable now because when I had 56K and I was downoading all the frickn' updates from M$ all night long, and then the driver updates and then getting my programs back up and then the tweaks. I don't get some people will reformat their hard drive if they fart sideways next to their rigs. Dude, so you have a 300+Gig Hard drive.. Incredible..
  3. dubstar

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    i think he has 3 hard drives... and i like to reformat/reinstall once every 3 months atleast. gets rid of all those pesky files you lost and forgot to delete, and really some how draws you back to the computer even more than before. the fresh/new feeling comes back and your just like 'must.. install... universe'..

    i have the same checklist, but mine doesnt involve Visual Basics, or auto-log-in as Admin, but im going to add that on there, and kill off my forced-user account right now.. thanks for the idea.
  4. X-Istence

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    I feel that reinstalling every 3 months would be a damn waste.

    I personally would never do that, my PC has been running for 6 months now with Win2k, and it has yet to get a virus/spyware, i keep it clean, i keep it updated, and i dont randomly install crap, just the stuff i need.

    Today was the first time i defragged my HD, after cleaning it up and moving all my **** to my server running FreeBSD.
  5. Everyone have different opinions. There are differnent kinds of users in this world

    1. One that likes to install lots of software and mess it up
    2. One that likes to tweak their installation.
    3. One that likes to install lots of hardware
    4. One that likes to surf the net
    5. and there are some more.

    Those who believe they have messed up their computer can format and reinstall whenevert often they want.

    I fall into 1, 2 and 3. I format and reinstall (actually restore a ghost image) almost every month.
  6. Perris Calderon

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    my box runs faster and faster as I use last laptop ran a couple of years without one reformat.... with half the processor, and half rhe memory it would still outperform this new box in plenty of activities
  7. Petros

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    One good way to keep your computer tweaked quickly is with a giant registry file with all your tweaks built in to it.

    Check this file out for an example.