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    Recently i came across one utility by which you can see last modified files on window vista. It doesn't even require to install any software :).. sound interesting is. if you ever wondered that while listening music what file has been modified you can find that, after installing any application you can find which files has been modified , where is the entry made , this way you can find if install program is not writing anything into your system files; if it shouldn't suppose to :).

    first open vista's search panel (you can hit the F3 key while window explorer is open). Change the location to C: drive or whichever drive you are trying to check. set the modified date to today's date and then check the box for "Include non-indexed, hidden, and system files" and press the search button. After search result make sure that Date modified column is showing up in the list. If that column isn't showing up, you will need to add it by right clicking on the column area.
    you can then sort by date modified descending to see all the recent changed files.
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    this is gonna come in usefull, will give it a go