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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Dstructr, Dec 26, 2001.

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    I have a Asus Geforce 3 v8200 Deluxe card with TV Out.
    NVidia 23.11 Drivers.
    Hitachi CM751 ET 19"" Monitor.
    Windows XP.

    I'm struggling to get the TVOut work properly.
    When i connect the TV and enables the TVOut:
    My monitor screen goes black, but i get the picture out on the TV.

    If i look at the TV which is in another room, it says it is testing the new display settings. After 15 seconds my monitor comes back
    and the TV picture is lost.

    Not sure how this should work but is it possible to get a picture on my monitor AND my TV at the same time ??

    Seems like when i enable the TV Out it set's a displaymode not supported by my gfx card/monitor ??
    Anyone knows what displaymode it sets ? Res and refresh rate ?

    I guess i could answer yes before the 15 seconds expires to avoid resetting `the picture back to my monitor, but i'm not sure how i can the picture back to my monitor when i'm done...
    Because i cant see the TV from my computer... :).

    I'm lost...

    Anyone ??

  2. Qumahlin

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    it's not testing the settings, it's doing the same thing that happens anytime you change your refresh rate or such. you need to click yes that you want to keep these new settings or else they are not going to stick...I had to od this same thing...just have a friend stand in the one room and tell you about where the box is for the ok button and you'll be set to go :)