[tute] install new HD without HD software

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by lynchknot, Apr 29, 2004.

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    Upgrading to larger/new drive and using old drive as slave - without the use of HD software

    While new drive as slave:

    1. In Disk Management - format - DO NOT ASSIGN DRIVE LETTER
    2. In Drive Image - Copy drive - DO NOT ASSIGN DRIVE LETTER
    3. Unplug old drive and change jumper to master in new drive
    4. Boot - will automatically assign Drive C
    5. Done

    Installing old drive as slave:

    Disk manager will not allow you to change Drive letter or format (I guess because drive is still labeled Drive C)

    1. plug old drive back in
    2. unplug power cable of new drive
    3. use Conan's method to format the old drive:
    4. go to bios and select CD rom boot
    5. install windows in partition C
    6. select quick format
    7. as soon as it says it's creating library shut off (or when finished format)
    8. plug power back into new drive
    9. boot into bios
    10. select boot device (should be HDD-0)
    11. reboot
    12. windows will automatically assign next available drive letter to old drive partition
    13. if I made a mistake or left anything out in this guide please let me know

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    Glad it all worked out. :)
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    The only thing I'd say is to be safe, don't put the old drive in for a few weeks, keep it as backup incase anything didn't work correctly. When you are sure all is ok, then throw it in and format.
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    Yeah, that's good advice. I do still have an image of Drive C on a partition of the old drive though.