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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by pntgrd, Jan 4, 2002.

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    OK, I am getting pissed. I have disabled the IMAPI CD Burning in "services". Double and triple checked it. I have InCD installed for burning cd-rw and it used to work great. Now when I stick in a cd-rw, InCD recognizes it, XP sees it as an InCD disk, but when I try to drag and burn to it, the p.o.s. XP program takes over. W.T.F.? It is disabled. Do I have to totally DELETE the stupid file? It is crap like this that is really starting to make me miss ME or 98.
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    pntgrd, I am not familiar with your burning program, but nero works great NOW that I : updated aspi and left the xp burner ON!
    I had tried to disable it but my system would not work without it.
    I can not copy in any mode at the full 16x my burner allows.
    I also have clone cd installed and it works even faster than nero but it will only copy cds (can't use it to gather and record data from files).
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    InCD is the packet writing program by Nero. I have updated the ASPI layer. I also have updated a .dll file for Nero. What gets me is everything was working fine. I don't understand WHY the XP program keeps interfering with the burn. If you disable something it should BE disabled.
  4. XeoNoX

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    seems like a bug, contact mircrosoft or ahead software!