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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by chopper20, Aug 7, 2002.

  1. chopper20

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    I would like to know if it is possible to stop the PC from turning it's self off when you tell it to shut down. I want it to close down but leave the monitor displaying "it is now safe to turn your computer off" Anyone any ideas please
  2. Khayman

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    go into power managment in control pannel and turn of use advanced powermanagment
  3. lol, this is the first one when some one wants that thing being displayed. every one else seems to want their computer to be just shut down :)
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    In the power options control panel, find the APM tab and enable it. If the options are not there, something in your BIOS is not evabled fo power management

  5. Khayman

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    JJB6486, he doesn't want it on!
  6. chopper20

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    gone into power management, then into advanced but can not see anything similar to turn off advanced power managment
  7. Khayman

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    Hmmmm, it might just say APM.
    Also check your bios for a similar setting
  8. Gary Pandher

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    y would u want it off????
  9. chopper20

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    My son leaves the monitor powered up for days sometimes this is why I do not want it to shut down.
  10. ZipTriX

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    Go to Device Manager

    Then look for Computer.

    Click on the + to expand the list and it should list Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) PC

    Next right click on ACPI and go to properties

    Click on the tab labeled Driver and click on Update Driver

    Next Install from a specific location and then Don't search, I will choose

    Select Standard PC and follow the rest.

    Warning: You might have to reinstall all drivers after changing to Standard PC. Also do this at your own risk.

    This is the only way I know how to get what you are talking about. Good luck.
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    Many thanks ZipTriX I will give it ago
  12. Goatman

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    why does it matter if he leaves the monitor on? if it's a energystar monitor, it won't matter at all
  13. its required by law that the monitor shuts off when there no signal detected.
    the power light should go from green to yellow or a powersaving light comes on, whatever unless your using an antique it should do this. it is not using any power other than the little it take to monitor for an incoming signal. when it sees one it turns itself on.
  14. what law is that?
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    Dudes - if you shut of APM fro mthe Bios - next time u boot into XP - there is a very good chace that it will kill the OS and u will need to re-install XP to get it back!

    If the monitor is Energy Star compliant (unless it's really old it wont be) it must switch off if it does not get a video signal - but what chopper20 is trying to do - would by-pass that fail safe as the would be a signal there.
  16. Hipster Doofus

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    If you are still trying>

    To create a shutdown shortcut on the desktop:
    1. Right click on an open area of the desktop
    2. Select New / Shortcut
    3. Enter in "shutdown -s -t 00" - no quotes
    4. Press the Next button
    5. For the name, enter in anything you like. Click on the Finish button.

    When you use this shortcut it will shutdown to the screen you want.
  17. the government energy star compliant laws same type of laws as the have for car emissions
  18. chopper20

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    ZipTrix everything was just as you said it would be including the reloading of the drivers. I now have the shut down screen many thanks