trying to decide between new pc or home theater system.....

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by jkoXP, Aug 23, 2002.

  1. jkoXP

    jkoXP Guest

    between a NEW pc that im going to build


    a new home theater system.....

    both are pretty much the same price...

  2. [CpK]Bastid

    [CpK]Bastid Guest

    id go with the computer

    more versatile.....
  3. jkoXP

    jkoXP Guest


    I already have both, but i want to upgrade either my computer or my HT setup.
  4. [CpK]Bastid

    [CpK]Bastid Guest

    sell your ht setup

    use extra cash to upgrade even more

    consolidate ht setup with comp:)
  5. Electronic Punk

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    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Build a HTPC and do both... :)
  6. jkoXP

    jkoXP Guest

    no thats ok, i dont want to intergrate........
  7. jkoXP

    jkoXP Guest

    heres what im deciding between:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    thats the HT setup

    pc is
    IntelĀ® Desktop Board D845EBG2
    P4 2.0 (northwood) w/ fan (retail)
    Geforce4 TI 4600
    Crcuial 512MB DDR
    IBM Deskstar 120GXP 80GB
    SB Live 5.1
    Windows XP Pro Full
    Microsoft Internet Keyboard
  8. 2z

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  9. New Disease

    New Disease Whatever...

    holy s*it!!!! *drools* i want all that HT stuff

    p.s. you may get more help if you tell us exactly what sort of system you are planning on building.

    also if you do get the HT i hope your not going to waste it by watching horse racing!! :D
  10. jkoXP

    jkoXP Guest

    i did, this is the pc im thinking about building:
    IntelĀ® Desktop Board D845EBG2
    P4 2.0 (northwood) w/ fan (retail)
    Geforce4 TI 4600
    Crcuial 512MB DDR
    IBM Deskstar 120GXP 80GB
    SB Live 5.1
    Windows XP Pro Full
    Microsoft Internet Keyboard

    what i have for a pc now:
    PIII 733
    radeon 64ddr
    256MB RAM
    Desktar 75GXP 40GB
    SB live value
    xp pro full
  11. jkoXP

    jkoXP Guest

  12. Grandmaster

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    Santa Clara, CA
    get the home theatre dude.
  13. MdSalih

    MdSalih The Boss

    Birmingham, UK
    if your not a heavy computer geek like some of us... dont use computer to its full potential...then hit the home theatre system... but the screen on that doesn't look too good... get a flat screen/plasma display... they kick ass! ;)

  14. gonaads

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  15. Friend of Bill

    Friend of Bill What, me worry?

    Build the computer with the P4 (you won't regret it).
  16. jkoXP

    jkoXP Guest

    plasma, right... little out of my price range. the 27" has all the features i want, 2 component inputs, auidio out, 3 svideo...
  17. Corolla568

    Corolla568 Guest

    lookin at what you want, i say a home theater. But, what kind of TV do you want? is it HDTV? what are the specs? And whats your budget
  18. jkoXP

    jkoXP Guest

    no, its not HDTV. ill get an HDTV a few yrs from now...
    specs on the TV I want:
    Real Flat CRT with INVAR Shadow Mask
    4MEGA 10BIT 3D Y/C Comb Filter
    Dual Component Video Inputs
    2-Tuner Picture in Picture
    Audio Output 5.0 Watts x 2 Speakers
    3 AV Inputs (2 Rear, 1 Front)
    Illuminated Super Command Universal Remote with TV, DVD and VCR Control Capability
    NEW Half-Tone On-Screen Display
    MTS Stereo and SAP
    BBE High Definition Audio
    Hyper Surround Sound
    Theater Status (Standard/Theater/Dynamic)
    Front Firing Speakers
    Return +
    NEW Interactive Plug in Menu
    Mult-Function Timer
    Sleep Timer
    Channel Guard
    Closed Caption w/Text
    Black Level Expansion
    XDS Auto Clock Set with ID Display
    Energy Star Compliant
    Hyper Scan High Speed Channel Changer
    S-Video Input
    AV Compu Link III
    Fixed Audio Output
    RF Input
    2 Years Picture Tube, 1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty
    Weight 101.2 lbs.
    Width 29 7/8"
    Height 23 3/8"
    Depth 19 3/4"
    Power: 140 Watts / 2.0 Amps
  19. Corolla568

    Corolla568 Guest

    i dunno what to do....i really don't ::cough home theater cough::
  20. jkoXP

    jkoXP Guest

    dumb ?, but since the DVD is built in, the surround sound will still work just fine right? and i have an extra optical input for my xbox...