Trouble Installing XP Pro....HELP

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by kdsouza, Aug 18, 2002.

  1. kdsouza

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    Trying to install XP Pro, having two problems - seem to be driver related:

    - when installing from the CD-ROM, it gets to the point where it restarts the computer, and puts up the message:

    into your CD-ROM drive

    Press ENTER when ready

    ....the CD has been and is still in the drive - but it can't seem to recognize it.

    ...I've removed Easy CD Creator 3, as I thought that may be causing the problem, but no luck.

    - I then created a i386 folder on the hard drive and ran setup from there. It gets further, but puts up the message:

    Setup cannot copy the file AMDK6.SYS

    .....if I ESC to ignore, I get a message that WINDOWS could be damaged when I next boot.

    It displays the same message foe about eight files....for example CBIDF2K.SYS.

    My config is an IBM Aptiva AMD-K6/2 300Mhz, with 192 Meg.\

    Any help would be muchly appreciated.
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    For starters Easy cd 3 is not compatable with xp. Looks like your problem lies there somewhere. Try doing a system restore to before easy cd 3.
  3. kdsouza

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    Thanks for the post. I think it's an original, but I bought it from a small local place I haven't dealt with before. I'm not technical - where do I check what it's labeled?