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    my brother's girlfriend seems to have this trojan on her computer
    i belive this is what AVG picked up when she scans, it seems to only pick it up once in a while and when it does this is what comes up. it doesnt have any removal instructions and i cant find anything else about this. is there a free or trial version of a trojan remover that could help remedy this situation. thanks in advance.
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    Tauscan's detection rates are not that great.

    The only trojan scanner i full recommend is TDS-3. Trojan hunter is good also.

    A full scan with your AV should also be enougth to pick this up, its a common trojan.

    This trojan is used to download a larger or different trojan and run it, removal is a matter of deleting it and anything it may have downloaded.
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    Thanks Enyo, I'll have to take a look at TDS-3... never heard of it before.