trillian vs. icq/aim/msn/yahoo individually poll

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by cam, Dec 30, 2001.

  1. cam

    cam Guest

    was wondering how many of you use trillian or the individual programs.

  2. MiseryQ

    MiseryQ Guest

    I hate to say it but Messengers built in, That's what I use... maybes there's something t that lawsuit after all I've tried Trillian for about 3minutes a few months ago, maybe I need to try it again...

    The "To hell with them if they can't use Messenger" attitude could pottntialy have some drswbacks...
  3. Madtripper

    Madtripper Guest

    I think it rocks. I tried Odigo out which claimed to do the same as this and kept getting the boot from aol. So far no problems.
  4. Syedur

    Syedur OSNN Addict

    Ok... here is da deal...

    Trillian is cool... way better than all the other programs that combines 3rd party IMs...

    but its still missing out...

    I use it to combine Y!IM and maybe ICQ sometimes... I miss out other options from AIM if I use it like (File Server) and mIRC's advance allies and custom scripting and ICQ's file system...

    These options needs to be in there, then I can start using Trillian only... and also need the MSN's alert options and all the IM's Chat option and Talk option. Hehe I ask for too much.. I have yet to see these features.
  5. Speed4Ever

    Speed4Ever Guest

    I use MSN Messenger and AOL IM.

    I use many of the MSN built-in thingys, but the primary thing was my family didn't like to use Trillian over what we use, so I went back.

    Its not a bad program, but you can lose out on some MSN functionality...

    Its got great potential though, I'll keep my eye on it...I might try it again soon in the future. I'm certain its changed some since I tried one of the early versions...
  6. cam

    cam Guest

    the file xfers have been implemented. so its even better now ;)

    yes it does lose some functions from msn or icq, but how much of that crap do you actually use? outside of video chat i cant see much they're missing. they key to trillian is to cover all mediums using a minimal amount of ram. icq does the opposite by adding tons of pointless features

  7. Sinster

    Sinster Moderator

    Trillian is a great program. But needs to more customizable. I dont like the IRC portion of it. I hate that each channel opens into a new window. Then when you put it into a container. When you shutdown the container no longer there.
  8. Syedur

    Syedur OSNN Addict

    While we are on the container subject.... I thought I was the only one to miss that thing in my taskbar... hehe
  9. cam

    cam Guest

    i dislike the irc portion too, after using mIRC for 4-5 years im kinda hooked on it ;)