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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by munkor, Oct 16, 2002.

  1. munkor

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    Hi, I just setup a small network. I am using Winxp Pro (server) and my clients(win2k Pro) are connected WinXP. Because I suspect one of my user playing online game which I couldn't trace the IP. I wanna to ban the ip so that he/she couldn't login and play it online again. Is that anyway to trace?Thank you and have a nice day.
  2. Rascal

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    block the common gaming ports at the firewall (if you have one) e.g. 27015 27030 etc for CS.

    Although you could try a different approach. Let them play during lunch breaks and out of hours....come on, you know they would love you for it :)
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    Ya I got it. Thanks. I found out it's a online game. Let's me explain. It's a application game(gambling) need to install on my client side computer. When the user bet, it's used to send a transaction to the server side and the server respond transaction, and send the signal result back to my client computer. For example, horse will send the betting money to the server side and server response the transaction, and the result..the horse suppose to win on this race back to my client. The application run it base on the server result(example Horse number 3) responsed from the server. I guess it's a java game. Well, I can restrict user to install the on my side. Is that anyway I can trace the server side ip so that I can ban the server ip.
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    yes......install the client side app the user has been running and monitor the connections your pc makes when u run the app.

    type this at command line.

    netstat -a

    that will show all open connections on your pc. Do that before you use the game, then after to see the new connection. You can probably find a windows program that does something similar to netstat command....but thats the sort of thing to do anyway.
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    thanks rascal. I will try it!!! thanks!!