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    I have a Toshiba Tecra M2 Laptop that has an issue with the mother board. I was told by a repair shop that the video card is bad and as a result the entire mother board has to be changed. I also checked with another wholeseller of computers who advised that unless you do not find a mothernboard that is cheaper that $200, it is not worth fixing the laptop. My questions:

    1. What will be the avg price of a motherboard for tecra M2?
    2. If the video card / chip is bad do I need to replace the entire mother board?
    3. If it is worth buying a motherboard, then what is a good and reliable place online to buy the same?
    4. Are there motherboards available that will be compatible with the Tecra M2?

    Thank you gurus for all the advice and help.

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    I haven't seen anything online below about $395 for the motherboard buddy.

    The video card on this notebook motherboard is integrated and you don't typically have the option to get an external card. You can get a few different PCMCIA devices which can function as your video card but I don't know if you can operate your motherboard if the video is bad.

    On desktop motherboards you can simply disable the onboard video (IGP) but I am not familiar with your boards features.

    I would suggest looking only for Tecra 2 motherboards as they are designed to fit in the form factor of your notebook. I am unsure as to how proprietary the board or its many connectors may be.

    Sorry I do not have more information.
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    You can probably buy a new laptop with better spec's for what the repair will cost:
    Spec Data: 1.7-GHz Pentium M, 512MB RAM, 60GB hard drive, 14.1-inch XGA display, 802.11g wireless

    Repairing laptop is not as easy as a desktop so doing it yourself is risky. The list price on your MB is $981, I saw one for $580 before I stopped looking in disgust at the high prices. Depending on how old the laptop is you could also be looking at a new battery $110 and/or new backlights for the display in the near future $50?

    So how old is the laptop?