Top 20 Reasons E-Mail is Better than Sex

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    1) E-mails last as long as you want them to.
    2) You can e-mail a complete stranger without getting arrested.
    3) Big e-mails don't hurt; little ones can satisfy.
    4) You can e-mail people in public without getting funny looks.
    5) You can e-mail somebody on the other side of the world.
    6) You can e-mail people of either or both genders without being considered perverted.
    7) You can turn a computer on without having to wear clothes that might make you catch pneumonia.
    8) If you e-mail somebody once then don't get in touch again you won't feel too guilty about it.
    9) People who e-mail a lot of different people in a short time don't get called horrid names.
    10) You can e-mail somebody who doesn't want anything to do with you and they can't put you in prison for it.
    11) Nobody makes any big thing of the first time you e-mail somebody.
    12) Using your fingers to e-mail isn't considered vaguely disgusting.
    13) You can talk loudly about e-mailing in front of your auntie and she won't be distressed.
    14) You can e-mail close relatives and nobody will really bother about it.
    15) E-mail can't get you pregnant.
    16) Or give you nasty diseases.
    17) You can e-mail somebody at any time of the month.
    18) If you get a nasty e-mail you won't need counselling afterwards.
    19) After you've used a computer to e-mail, it won't hassle you for coffee.
    20) If somebody interrupts you while you're e-mailing, you feel neither embarrassed nor frustrated.</FONT>
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    great :D