Tiscali BroadBand 215k, any one on it?

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by ste_w, Feb 19, 2003.

  1. ste_w

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    Hi all.
    is there anyone on Tiscali BroadBand 215k? if so do u have to pay BT Surftime on top of the £19.99 a month?

    pls help


  2. SPeedY_B

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    Midlands, England
    Doubt it, no-ones used Surftime in ages, it was a crap idea :)
    It was for dial-up anyway, im sure you'd only have to pay your $19.99 (i have no pound sign) a month and thats that.
  3. ste_w

    ste_w Moderator

    any one?
  4. jonifen

    jonifen pffff...

    no you dont need to pay for surftime as surftime is only for dialup, and you're asking about broadband.
  5. No, you won't need to pay bt extra for surftime as it's dial-up and you wouldn't use it.

    You will need to pay bt normal line rental (and any call charges) for your telephone though as it is required for tiscali's ASDL - which is provided through bt.

    www.giointernet.com provide 512k ASDL for £18.99 a month but you'll still need a normal bt line.

    Enjoy, ASDL is great.
  6. Zedric

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    215k? That's not broadband, not in my book. Far from it.

    But I guess it beats the crap out of 56k. :)
  7. David Smith

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    Have a look at the Tiscali Forum before you sign up with them. I signed up and then cancelled within 24 hours after reading it. Boy did I have trouble after that but its to long a story, make up your own mind.

    The price at that time was the same as BT, but as stated Tiscali will have to activate your telephone line through BT but after the initial activation fee and the supply of a broadband modem, the monthly fee is all you pay.

    There is a years contract as with BT so if you sign up and are not happy with it and decide to go elsewhere they will expect you to pay for the whole year.

    Anyway each to his own.

  8. Simes

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    I recently finished a contract at Tiscali in the Billing department. Tiscali was pulled up in the BBC news for having such a horrendous billing service.

    People were billed twice, not at all, wrong products every possible method to get it wrong, they did.

    The problem is that Tiscali is made up of so many ISPs across Europe with all their own legacy systems, bringing this lot together was a task and a half.

    An utterly nightmare organisation. As a piece of advice, just go for the free service - don't touch anything that requires billing.