Tired of looking for voodoo3 3500TV drivers for XP??

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by oilisab, Mar 15, 2002.

  1. oilisab

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    well boys, voodoo is gone now and the only thing i was doing since i knew this was getting mad.

    But wait a minute, my madness made me feel that giving up will not solve my voodoo problem with XP, so i started searching XP voodoo drivers for my voodoo3 3500 TV.

    Hours, days, weeks, and a couple of months passed during the search. Surfing the net wasn't enough i thought.

    I visited Voodoofiles.com like 1 million times looking for new driver releases and nothing.

    I was getting tired and giving up.
    I take my last chances and started reading lots and lots of documents and tutorials about Xp and 3dfx.
    Most of them said nothing important.

    Ntcompatible had some 3dfx drivers but nothing that really could help.

    After 4 or 5 months looking for them, testing wrong, new, old and custom drivers I found one that worked.
    I combined 2 set of drivers (dont ask me how i just did it) and now i have a voodoo3 3500 TV working at 100% under XP.

    Lot of people said that drivers may work but TV won't show up, well i do watch TV in my comp and it's simply great.

    I cant upload this drivers here =( but if u want them just reply this and let me know it.

    This is not a joke!!
    Im serious. My voodoo3 3500 TV runs just like in win2k or 98
  2. Shamus MacNoob

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    L'Ile Perrot Quebec

    Yo hey I would like that set please can you email them to me zylo1@excite.com I have been looking for a working set for a voodoo3, the ones I find work but I can not get the screen savers to preview and the winxp plus screen savers wont work at all robot circus and sand pendulm crash ................
  3. pauleeuw

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    Hello there,

    I'm Paul and living in the Netherlands Europe.
    I still cannot watch tv with my voodoo 3500 tv.
    Can you help me please????

    B.T.W. must work under Pal

    Thank you in advance

    Paul van leeuwen
  4. avi22

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    hey, i have voodoo 3500 and i need drivers for the TV in XP please if you can send me to: mike_bason@hotmail.co.il
    thank you.
  5. GraveLayer

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    So your drivers will work on a Voodoo3 16M AGP under XP on say Quake3 wihtout any of the GLsetup stuff??? Or do you still need GLsetup too??
  6. Skye

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    So... a saviour arrives?

    I would give my... well, my mother's left arm for the drivers; the driver location, or just the names of the drivers that can be convinced to run under xp.

    Please contact me skyedesign@webmail.co.za