Tip 4 refresh issues on ATI 9700/9500/9000

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by stuy_b, Oct 15, 2002.

  1. stuy_b

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    Your gonna need to get Refresh Force refreshrate fix utility, which by the way works with ANY video adapter (allegidly!).


    Once downloaded extract the zipfile, but dont run it yet.

    Using the ATI control panel click on "DISPLAYS" tab and click on the button above your monitor.

    UNTICK "Use DDC Information", which isnt necessary, and come out of display options and reboot.

    After the reboot run "RefreshForce" and set the Mhz to your desired setup, exit and reboot, when prompted.

    Voila'! :) your 60Mhz issue in games is fixed.

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    for open GL

    you need to override the settings if your using an ATI I suggest radeon tweaker in the more tweaks section there is a OPEN GL override I set mine to 85 this can be done in directxdiag.exe also in the more help section overide button just type in the value you want for opengl ....