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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Dallas, Jul 12, 2002.

  1. Dallas

    Dallas Guest

    Hi, Everytime iI launch a game I get the Black screen of death.
    If I have on my Firewall= Tiny=or Zone Alarm ...

    Any solutions ?
  2. madmatt

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    New York
    Try disabling the firewall when you want to play the game.
  3. Dallas

    Dallas Guest

    Black Screen Of Death

    When I launch game with my Tiny Firewall, on.
    I get blk screen of death ( My screen freezes and.. I have to cntrl alt del to get out ) ? Thus making game crash and I get back to lobby again. Anyone know a good solution?
    I want to still be proteceted while I'm playing my Games.

    Ty. Dallas
  4. Iceman

    Iceman Moderator

    What game? might help to know............

  5. Dallas

    Dallas Guest


    Crimson Skies Flight Sim.
  6. Iceman

    Iceman Moderator

    Look for a patch for it at their website if available,

    good luck let us know if u find one, or still have problems

  7. Dallas

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  8. Grinder714

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    Turn firewall off when playing a game...save yourself alot of headaches.(unless you are hiding NASA secretss on your pc, chances are no one will try to hack you.)

  9. Dallas

    Dallas Guest


    Yeah but I would rather run protection at all times ..
    So.... no solutions out there other than turning it off ?

    All these smart peeps on these forums . Amd Nothing ? ..lolol
  10. Henyman

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    disable tiny + get anouther such as zone alarm or norton.
  11. Dallas

    Dallas Guest


    So... If u turn off the fire wall at start of game . Can u alt tab and turn it back on ?
    Should that work ?
    I haven't tried that...
  12. Dallas

    Dallas Guest


    So does Norton have a feeware Firewall...?
  13. Henyman

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    don't make 2 thread's on same topic!!! stick wid 1.
  14. Henyman

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    i said norton cus it's gd NOT free.
  15. Kr0m

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    Turtle Island
    I've never used Tiny, so I can't give any help on that. Is there a learning mode in it like some other firewalls? I know with ZA Pro, it has a learning mode so for example, I load quake and play online, a window popups up asking for permission to access the internet. I only need to click Yes once and it's saved.

    Other than that, maybe search for news groups concerning software security etc... I know grc.com has one.
  16. RobbieSan

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    Tiny is a great little firewall.. I doubt very much it's Tiny causing your problems.. I do a lot of online gamiing and Tiny has only ever asked if the app should be allowed to access the net..
  17. onebyside

    onebyside Guest

    I've had Tiny, Black Ice and ZA running...at the same time when playing online games. Make sure u have the game in a minimized window(not full screen) so u can see the firewall's request to U on wether to allow access to IT.:cool:
  18. Pastorn

    Pastorn Guest

    Why not simply let the game.exe gain access to the internet in the settings of the firewall?

    This one is free and does the job very well ---> http://www.agnitum.com/products/outpost/
  19. onebyside

    onebyside Guest

    Why not??? I agree ..except the game exe. request for access to internet doesn't always pop up once the game has started with ZoneAlarm, or with Tiny for that matter. The pop up is there asking for permission to IT, but doesn't make it over the game and the comp freeze's.
  20. Perris Calderon

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    new york
    why aren't you giving the game permant access to your computer?

    krom...yes, tiny has a learning curve....it's harder to figure out then other firewalls...that's because it gives you much more information.

    it's the smallest firewall I've used yet...well worth the effort