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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by canadian_divx, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. canadian_divx

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    Ok have been going over the net looking for answers and also now checking here for them.

    C&C tiberium wars, latest patch installed as well. i can play the game for about 20 min then it will crash. it was a Virtual error before so i increased my VM for XP.

    now that its done. i got a dx3d error ingame ERROR, so i then updated my video drivers.

    now same 20 min later, new error, out of memory. yet when it comes up vm is only at 1.2gb usage, system memory is only 1.8 out of 3gb usage.

    not sure where else to go from here

    i am using htis on my lenovo laptop
    t60 type 2007 73U
    intel centrino duo 2.0gz
    3gbddr 667.
    ATI x1400 512 not shared. 512 deticated.

    anyone offer some ideas?
    xp is upto date.
    direct X is up to date.
    no bois or hardware updates left
  2. Racer_600

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    I had a problem with C&C3, and most other games, crashing about 5-15 minutes in. Vista said something about a display driver failure or unexpected error. Turned out my video card, ati X1900, was getting very hot, i installed atitool, turned up the fan speed, and it solved my problem.
    Dont know if yours is like that or not.
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    vista drivers don't (or didn't) do thermal mangement on the video cards as they did on XP. There's usually a seperate service to manage that in vista.

    Check the game folder for a crash log of any sort. May be more helpful in terms of error detail.
  4. canadian_divx

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    from what i can tell since its an onboard GPU for the laptop. it is hitting 85c. i have a utility to specify my fan speed since lenovo deems being quiet is better than cool LOL.

    i have it set as high as i can for when i play my games. but it still does it.

    i am running XP right now. friend is fine and hes on vista for the same laptop so im going to image his drive and test it. that way if its hardware it should still die.

    i would rather use XP on thos laptop tho
  5. canadian_divx

    canadian_divx Canadian_divx

    ok so i dont understand this that much but i have it working.

    when i use the restore disks with vista ultimate it still crashes with a BSOD and no error.

    But.... yes not wanted here on OSNN. when i downloaded a pirated version of vista ultimate and use it. it works.
    DX versions and drivers are the same so im not sure what is going on. at least its working now.
  6. Dark Atheist

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    could be something on the recovery discs from the laptop manufacture, and when you say you use updated drivers do you go to laptop site or ati/nvidia, i know sometimes OEMs change a few things in their driver packages, dell being the worst ones, in a way forcing you to use theirs
  7. canadian_divx

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    both times i went to lenovos site. i am unable to install the ATI ones without changing the install INI.
  8. Dark Atheist

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    and have you updated all the drivers from that site ?
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    Hm, i havent had this issue...ill look into it too!