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    I keep finding files all over the place named Thumbs.db. I can't see em even with show hidden, but only with some applications like winzip. Anyone know whats up with this? And how to get rid of em? One reason I ask is that I made a program and got an installer, and when I makes the install file, I see it including the Thumbs.db files.
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    Dont really understand your question, but thumbs.db is a Paint Shop Pro file that is used to cache pictures in directories when browsing them using PSP.
  3. Evolution

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    ...Could be....but it's usually

    a file created from Windows XP which allows you to see thumbnails in directories.
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    It is the thumbnail cache. If you don't want these files, you can disable thumbnail caching in Folder Options > view. However it will take much more time to open a folder in thumbnail view.
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    Yeah, I would keep it there if I were you, unless you don't use the thumbnail view in any of your folders.