thoughts on new monitor?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by IDLE, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. IDLE

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    my old IBM monitor is showing its age.

    i want to stick with a CRt monitor but very little places carry them. i go to best buy and they have one brand. insignia or something.

    are the newer LCD screens have a better refresh rate from a few years ago that allows you to play games?

    lcd would be fine but sure on how the performance would be.
  2. ElementalDragon

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    ...... as far as i know.... you could always play games on an LCD. they wouldn't have really took off as well as they did if nobody wanted them. As for refresh rates..... think they have some now with a VERY fast response time..... like 8ns or somethin..... i forget. but... the faster the response time, the higher the price.
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  3. mlakrid

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    This is true for the most part... pretty much any monitor with about a 12-18ms response time will do, the higher end would show slight ghosting, anything 12 or less and you wont see any, and that is only for very grpahics intensive games, there is really NO reson to stick with a CRT, even if you buy one on-line, you will pay roughly what a good LCD will cost you because of shipping a much heavier item.

    Whats your budget? We can provide a few options for you..
  4. LordOfLA

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    my 16ms dell 2001fp rarely shows ghosting, and even then you really have to look for it :)
  5. Cosmin

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    Hmm .. I would go with Samsung 193P+ ( my favorite lcd )
  6. ShepsCrook

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    There are some true gamer LCDs like the VX922 from viewsonic. It has 2ms response times.
  7. Mathachew

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    Funny I found this thread. Just about an hour ago, I received my dell 2005FPW. This sucker is amazing, purely amazing. My CRT for 4 1/2 years went out not long ago. My backup monitor showed similar symptoms of blurryness, so I had to make a decision about the monitor. After reading up on a review on that compared an Apple 20" Cinema display with Dell's 20" 2005FPW, I was convinced that it was the monitor I had to get. I had to dish out for the monitor and 5 year warranty, but can truly say that I am very happy with my purchase and would recommed it.

    I work from home and so when I'm not fighting Nazis, playing with Guilds, running through an excotic beach, or playing through memorable moments of Star Wars, I'm working. I looked at it as not only something I wanted, but also as an investment. Check out this line of LCDs that were reviewed. Also checkout a few of the other links in their Display section. They stay pretty up to date with this and is very helpful.