Thomas-Jung type indicator test??

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by mlakrid, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. mlakrid

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    I recieved as many people have a job offer claiming that in order to consider me further I needed to complete the test listed on the link below....

    What have you all heard?

    Has anyone ever been hired by this? Or HEARD of anyone being hired?

    It seems to be somewhat legitimate, but I have found nothing which shows that it is not.

    While it does not sound the least bit scientific, I wonder if these people are for real..

    Thoughts, opinions??
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  3. Steevo

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    I had take one.

    It wasn't entirely correct about me.
  4. mlakrid

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    Well I know what that says I read it. However, it was the only place, and it doesnt tell you how you know what personality you ARE...

    Im not sending in a writing sample without having proof that I gave it to someone.

    I found many articles being skeptical about this exact same thing. I was offered susbstantially more, with the wording "if I passed this personality test"

    I dont trust it..