This truly scares the hell out of me...

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by Speed4Ever, Mar 4, 2002.

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    HOLY S**T!!! :eek:

    I have no problem with try to deter piracy, but to totally neuter my computer with policeware, and make it punishable to remove said security procedures with a punishment of up to 5 years in the clink and/or up to $500,000 fine is friggin rediculous!

    I'll post more on this later when I'm a bit calmed down...

    :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

    EDIT: Heres another one...
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    I read about this stuff constantly, it happens every few years.. whats happens is pirates get smarter and get to pirate cooler stuff while the normal computer user who never downloads pirated software doesn't give a damn and goes about thier ways.

    Even if it's implemented the pirates won't care, at the last spec developer conference the HD makers REFUSED to put copy protection on their drives by default because there are too many snafu's that could occur.

    and look at the lying number 350,000 to 400,000 movies a day? Do you know how much internet traffic that would be? At my past high school me and one other kid were the only people who even knew that you could download movies!!!! and that was at a school of 2500 plus people. We even created a survey our senior year and we had a pretty good response rate and most people knew you could download "adult" movies and music, but not theater and movies out to rent and such.

    And even then there are A-L-O-T of places where broadband is not availible or just doesn't have the speed for high volume downloading. It takes my friend 4 DAYS on average to download a movie of high enough quality that you can stand to watch it beginning to end over his dialup connection.

    So if you belive almost half a million movies are downloaded each day your out of your mind

    All this copy protection crap will get worse and worse I mean the fines for copyright violation are worse then 2nd degree murder in some cases and people still copy :p
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    a lie is a lie is a lie

    >>A solution is needed to increase the quality and quantity of content available via high-speed Internet and digital TV, he says

    Why dont fire all those greedy executives and let artists do quality content??? Because they dont care about that, because they only care about $$$$$

    >>"If more content were available online, more consumers would come," said Hollings

    Thats a lie, demand is not based on offer. Demand is based on price and necessity. Does Holling think that if i offer enough quantity of bottles of bull piss they will come too???

    >>The studios estimate they lose $3 billion a year to piracy

    Thats a lie too. There is different demand at different prices. If a million people download a movie for free it doesnt mean that they would pay for that movie if it wasnt available for free.

    >>Eisner said. "If we don't protect content on the Internet, it will >>ruin the entertainment industry."

    A partial truth is a lie. It would ruin entertainment industry as we know it. As the car and the locomotive did to the horse industry. So say goodbye to over priced movies and cds, say goodbye to over payed execs. Do i have to pay 6€ to see a movie , 4 € to rent it on DVD so execs can drive their ferraris home. NO

    Oh , i forgot. **** OFF
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    Re: a lie is a lie is a lie

    I was watching the news on techtv and a new startup company made a new kind of video compression that can stream broadcast quality tv over a dsl line