This Is Not A Razr Question!

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    Just wanted to make that clear from the beginning...

    Anyways, I'm with Verizon for now. I like their service but I'm in a deadzone and I can't handle it. They are gonna let me quit the contract free of charge which is cool but my phone now becomes a $200 paperweight. So what are my options? Throw it away... I hope not. Could I maybe eBay it? If I do, won't all my contact info and call history and stuff be saved on there?
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    So long as you saved all the phone numbers, emails, texts etc to the SIM vs the phone...

    so you should have no problems selling the phone if you choose...

    Also, BEFORE you turn off your service, if you go into your local verizon office they should be able to help you migrate all the data onto the SIm vs the phone. I dont have a RAZR but you should also be able to connecvt it to your PC and ensure all the data is on the SIM and NOT on the phone...

    sorry I cant tell you exactly how... but I hope this helps anyways..

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    As there is no sim card in the v3c razor phone for verizon, do a master clear before you put it up on ebay. (menu, scroll to setting and tools, initial setup, and all the way at the bottom there is master clear and master reset) Do both of that and then your phone is factory fresh and then sell it.