Thinking of up-grading?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by neo090282, Jun 30, 2002.

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    I'm thinking of up -grading. I would prefer to build the PC myself as its much cheaper, was wondering if anyone new any good places to buy hardware(as in cheap!)

    Also AMD or Intel, whcih? And when are tthe new Graphics cards chipsets out?

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    you asked the wrong question for this forum... 90% of people in around here is going to tell you to either get an athlon xp because they're faster when they're compaired to similar P4's and cheaper... or wait for hammer.

    But here's my suggestion... don't wait for hammer, because lets just say that it turns out to be a flop (hey it could happen) or just wait for benchmarks, and everything... but you probably want a new computer now. I just bought a 2.2 Ghz P4, and you can OC to 2.4 very easily and save lotsa $$$... also, it will not die if the fan stops working, or the heatsink falls off... (which will probably never happen)... but I have been an intel fan for a while, but I am very impressed with AMD;s products, and I would recomend them to you if you want to go that way. But the best price/performance that I've heard about is the P4 1.6AGhz... you can O/C it, depending on how good your heatsink and fan are, to extreme clockspeeds... So my recomendation is P4... but more people will tell you AMD... both are fine.
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    merchants listed on pricewatch fairly reliable cheap too
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    Thanks for the advice people....just one more query along the line of Bastid....Clawhammer??
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    So when are these out and how much they looking at being??
    And whats with the name claw...?
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    Good point, at least Clawhammer has got a bit of personality to it!
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    penthouse already taken