Thinking about getting a minidisc, your thoughs / experiences?

Discussion in 'Green Room' started by ExWhap, Dec 5, 2001.

  1. ExWhap

    ExWhap Guest

    I was thinking about wanting the SONY MZ-R700 for Christmas, i'm sure you can find the features some place on the net.

    Any of u got this gadget.

    My audio card has an optical output thingy (or so im told) so i'll be able to record my mp3's to my mds (digitally of course)

    My friend has it and i'm getting the impression that it's pretty cool and without any big problems.

    I know that the MZ-R900 has a remote with display but i dont really feel i need that.

    Any of u tried recording mp3 over to the md and could give me any good tips?
    Dun wanna screw up the first time i try :cool:


    Found the details and features :

    G-Protection Jog Proof • MDLP • Line In

    Following with it : Cable for copying music (digitally) • Rechargable battery • "Remote"

    Antishock : 160 seconds

    Battery life time : Up to 53 hours

    Weight : 142 grams with batteries.

    And as i might add, the price seems reasonable.
  2. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    Sounds, nice. Is your IR, er, "optical output thingy," fully supported by XP? I think that would be my only concern. Sounds like a fun toy, go for it.
  3. ExWhap

    ExWhap Guest

    Well, im pretty sure it dosn't really have anything to do with the operating system, as the sound will probably go through that cable in some strange way, no matter which OS your using.

    (not sure, but i can try with my friends' cable, i think he has one)
  4. MdSalih

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    Birmingham, UK

    yeah recording to minidisc is easy if u use fiber-optic output device (creative have made one can't remember number... u can get it quite cheaply)
    You can also use cable from your sound card (creative 1024) to your MD or even set up infa red it'll work... many ways to do it... when u buy it go to a MD recording website it'll give u full easy tutorial.

  5. X-Istence

    X-Istence * Political User

    i would first make sure that you know that the mini disc is fully supported in the way it needs to connect to the computer
  6. existenz

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    yeah. my friend has one. It's really cool.

    I just like to twist and turn the fiber optic cable, and make it into a knot. It's unbreakable ;)
  7. Highwind7777

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    I don't know how you're gonna get infrared to go into your Minidisc but u can figure that out(its not possible). and the MZ-R700 does not have an optical input, only analogue but u can still record. I got the MZ-R900 and its great! The best thing about it is MDLP(5 hours + per disc)
  8. ExWhap

    ExWhap Guest

    It DOES have an Optical Line In.

    I have it right here besides me and im looking at the jack saying "Line In (Optical)" so you really have to come with a good explanation if u want to convince me it dosnt.

    And yes, the recording phase worked perfect, it is fully supported :D

    Tried it with my friends MiniDisc couple hours ago.