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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by canadian_divx, Jan 11, 2003.

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    my dad bought me some silver grease that he saw in a store, i would like to use it but i ahve some wuestions first, the computer i am going to use it on is an amd 2000+ cpu with stock heat sink, now first, there is this pink stuff on the heat sink that you had to peal off a cover and just stick the cpu to.
    is this stuff better than the silver stuff i have ? and if not, do i need to remove this pink stuff before i add the silver stuff and does anyone know if there is a special way to do it insted of scraping it off with a screwdriver?? here is a pic of the pink stuff
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    don't use a screw driver...

    use coarse cloth (not hard mind) and some water to wipe it off...

    dont expect to use the cloth again as this grease is unlikely to come out :)

    once again DON' T USE A SCREWDRIVER...
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    is there any special way to put the siver grease on the chip and heatsink?
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    ummmm just take off the old put a little dab on the heatsink and then put the heatsink on the chip only use a little as the heatsink pushes pretty hard and itll squish the silver stuff pretty thin :)
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    Go here for complete instructions.