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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by HaxCode, Jul 3, 2002.

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    Ok, here goes.....

    Is it possible (ie would it work like this) to place two of the exact same brand/model of CD-W's on RAID-0? I was thinking that if you did this and used the exact same CDW's and exact same brand of CD's and burnded a CD it would actually split it among the two cd's.....This way if you had some extremely confidential files you could use this method since the OS would see the CDW's as 1 drive instead of 2.

    So if you were to take out one of the CD's then it wouldn't work at all and no one else could view either cd on a normal CD-Rom. Now the only draw back is that you always have to use two cd's so of course you wouldn't use this as your primary cd-rom.

    Make sense?

    I figure it would be great for security or to go the extra 100 miles to protect data from unwanted eyes.


    Let me know what you guys/gals think
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    It's an interesting theory, but the problem is the windows doesn't write to CDRWS/CDRS natively, even XP uses a 'service' to accomplish this.

    I think the RAID BIOS will disallow RAID 0/1 if it doesn't detect hard discs on the channels

    But failing that, windows will see it as two drives, just as if they are on standard IDE channels, or windows might not even recognise the devices at all (and crash).
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    Sounds like a nice plan, but....